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Spotify: Sad Rap Hours (26k)

^ Where could I be placed? Along with an in-depth review, these are a few of the places that consider your music.


What does Submitee offer me?
1. A professional music review.
2. Pitching to curators (10,000,000+ listeners) (see curators)



Personal & Music Details

We need this information to review your music.

Payment & Review

By submitting this form you accept that this submission is a professional review, and will be considered for (but does not guarantee) a placement of your content on any social platform within our curator network. This payment is non-refundable unless we are unable to review your submission within 7 days after you submit, at which time you will receive a full refund. By submitting you are giving any curator within our network permission to publish the submitted content on your or the content owners behalf, if accepted by our team.

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  • What is Submitee?
    Submitee is a place for artists to collect feedback on their projects by professionals in the music industry. It also opens the opportunity for free marketing placement if our review team finds something that fits the vibe of our in-house curation outlets (combined reach of 20,000,000 monthly listeners).
  • Is this a guaranteed placement?
    No, this is not a guarunteed placement. We're a service that offers a detailed breakdown of your sound (mix, structure, lyricism, atmosphere, engineering, sound space, etc) for the sole sake of improving your craft. Our parent company owns numerous large music focused blogs, Spotify playlists, and YouTube channels that we consider all submissions for, free of charge, however, there is no guaruntee your track is picked up by these outlets.
  • Why is this worth $15?
    Without having knowledge of the curator/label side of the industry, it's easy to think $15 for a review & curators time on your project is a waste of money. Music blogs/playlisters/YouTubers and other curators have 1000's of unopened emails. (Just from our outlets alone we have 10K+ unopened, completely irrelevent & unrelated submission emails). $15 pushes you to the front of the line for all the curators in our network, along with a full and thorough review of your track(s).
  • Can I get a refund?
    If we are unable to review your submission within 7 days after you submit, you will receive a full refund.
  • What's the business model?
    We want to be as transparent with our userbase as possible. Submitee is a owned by a music curation corperation that operates numerous large curation blogs, Spotify accounts, and YouTube channels (among other outlets). Submitee serves as: artist) a place to get feedback on your craft & be put right in front of curator eyes. submitee) for our curation outlets to scout new talent and grow our reach. To sum it up, we review music, then pass on our favourites to the curation outlets we own. We win by getting a competitive edge on emerging talent, the artist wins by getting a free marketing push. The $15 fee keeps our A&R team paid and helps us expand our curator network.

I have a question.


Who are our curators?

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Systemic Entertainment
YouTube & Spotify Curator, Independent Record Label


Hip Hop, Rap, Contemporary R&B, Neo Soul, Pop-infused R&B, among others.

2,500,000+ Monthly Listeners

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