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What is Submitee?

We're a service that offers artists a comprehensive critique of their sound. Additionally, we pitch their music to our Owned & Operated Curators (consisting of 20,000,000+ monthly listeners).

What do we do? We break down what we believe was done well (mix, atmosphere, originality, etc.), what we believe could be improved + how, as well as where the track was placed (if anywhere at all).

We also may consider unreleased songs for release under our label, if that interests the artist.

Remember, music is highly subjective. Please respect that our team may have their own creative opinion that could differ from your own.


Case Studies — What is Submitee capable of?

^ How can I verify these are real? Feel free to reach out to any artist mentioned here for confirmation.


Case Study #1
Tushar Mathur
Neo-Soul/Indie Artist

Tushar received over 183,000 streams from Submitee in-house curators alone.


Customer Reviews — What are artists saying?

^ Most artists only receive feedback. This is how our comprehensive reviews have helped.

download - 2021-06-14T162154.953.png

Thanks for sending your honest feedback, I do appreciate your candid details as this will help me with my future work. I’ll be sure to get back with you next time around. — Greg M.


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